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Yes, I am Dutch
Click on photo to see more (photos Saskia, Von H)


Pickninck blanket:
- Grass
- News
- Yes, I am   Dutch

- I love you

In Nederlands:
- Gras
- Nieuws
- Yes I am   Dutch

- Ik hou van jou

Multi functional picknick blanket. Grass and news limited editions N/A.
Only available a reall pichnick rug: "Yes I am Dutch"
These are al different kind of fabric together. Useble at 2 sides, so 2 picknick blakets for one price!!! Only 35,- euro ex sendingcost.
Size 150 x 200cm with nice bag.
Order: the Marieke, the Maarten, the Vijf x vorm, the Bregt or the Saskia picknick blanket.

Photo's ideas made by the artists of Xpositron, mentioned above.




Email: yo at lasaskia.es